10 DIY Beauty Hacks EVERY LAZY Person Should Know

28 june 2017


We all want to look our best, but we don’t always have the time to make sure our appearance is flawless. When you’re running late in the morning or you’re just too busy to spruce yourself up, we have the perfect hacks that’ll save the day. These hacks include using a spoon to achieve a winged eyeliner, using baby oil to make lips shine, and the trick to making your cupid’s bow look perfect. This is 10 DIY Beauty Hacks EVERY LAZY Person Should Know.

If you’re obsessed with your lips, we have more than a few beauty hacks to make sure they look their best. Watch as we show you how to make a lip scrub using baby oil, and how to have full lips simply by drawing lines on your mouth. When it comes to your eyes, we also have a DIY trick using coffee and ice cubes to help get rid of dark circles. We’ll also show you how a sleep mask can make your eyelashes curlier than ever.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ldgDPtxTZZo

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